Rupununi Trails: Eco Adventure Tours in the Guyana Shield

Rupununi Trails
Rupununi Trails - The Rupununi-Rewa-Quitaro-Savannah Experience
The Rupununi-Rewa-Quitaro-Savannah Experience


This tour will take you along the Rupununi River and two of its tributaries, the Rewa and Quitaro rivers. This vast, unique area is home to thousands of different plants, over 600 species of fish, 120 species of snakes, lizards and frogs, 105 species of mammals and over 500 species of birds. It is recognized as one of the richest ecosystems on earth. In addition to terrific opportunities for spotting jaguars, anacondas, monkeys, black caiman and harpy eagles, the land is filled with breathtaking waterfalls and other beautiful scenery.

The rivers teem with an exciting variety of game fish, including arapaima, arawana, baiara, bicuda, sardinata, redtail catfish, giant amazon catfish, red paku, electric eels, peacock bass, sting rays and piranhas amongst others.

This trip involves travelling by plane, 4x 4 and boat.