Rupununi Trails: Eco Adventure Tours in the Guyana Shield

Rupununi Trails

Dadanawa Ranch

An almost forgotten link to the past, a stay at Dadanawa Ranch is like taking a step back in time. Cut off from the main lines of travel and communication to the coast since its inception, it is one of the oldest, largest and most isolated ranches in the world. It is situated upon 1700 square miles of savannah in the South Rupununi region of Guyana, and it is here that the cattle graze free-range.  Accommodation is in typical stilted wooden houses facing the savannah, offering panoramic views of the majestic Kanuku Mountains.

Dadanawa Ranch is a sanctuary for the endangered red siskin and ideal for birding, fishing, horseback riding, travelling to neighbouring Amerindian villages or visiting the out-stations of the Ranch. The rainforest is close at hand, offering terrific hiking, cave exploration, and ancient Amerindian petroglyph sightings. But above all else, Dadanawa is still a working ranch where visitors can observe the barefooted vaqueros work cattle the same way they have been doing for over a hundred years.
It is also the home to the South Rupununi Conservation Society, whose work is principally aimed at protecting river turtles and the red siskin. It has been the base of operations for many wildlife documentaries, from 'Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom' to the BBC's 'Lost Land of the Jaguar'.


Mappari Wilderness Camp

Unstained by the dark tannins characterizing most other Guyanese rivers, the crystal clear waters of the Mappari River descend descend from their source in the Kanuku Mountains to offer a unique natural experience. Up the Mapari and overlooking a waterfall lies our traditional wood-framed campsite. Treks along the river will carry you from waterfall to waterfall, where you may encounter the many species of flora and fauna along the way, including a rare treat: a trip to the active nest of a harpy eagle. Spotlighting at night reveals caiman, electric eels, and other forest inhabitants thirsty for a drink at the water's edge.


River Hammock Camps

Our river expeditions offer visitors the chance to experience and enjoy the rustic comforts of our hammock camps.  Located at points of interest along the rivers, these camps are simple, comfortable, efficient and designed to be harmonious with the rainforest. After a day of travel and activities, sleep in either the safety and comfort of our hammocks, or opt for a cot, with netting provided.