Rupununi Trails: Eco Adventure Tours in the Guyana Shield

Rupununi Trails

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The species wealth of the Rupununi River is a direct result of two natural factors. First, the linking of the Amazon and Essequibo basins through the yearly flooding of the Rupununi Savannahs allows for greater migration and healthier populations. Second, the Pakaraima and Kanuku mountain ranges provide ideal mountain streams for breeding. As a result, the Essequibo basin boasts 600 species of fish, and compares favourably with Brazil’s Pantanal.

With its range of environments, from fast-running rapids, to tranquil lagoons and oxbow lakes, this abundance of species provides food for an exciting variety of game fish, including arapaima, arawana, baiara, bicuda, sardinata, redtail catfish, giant amazon catfish, red paku, electric eels, peacock bass, sting rays and piranhas. Using 18ft canoes, 22ft aluminum boats and mobile camps we are able to tailor to the needs of any fishermen and adapt to ever-changing water conditions.
Our local guides will allow you to catch the fish you want. They know the fish, their habits, and where to catch them.

Our 10-day trips are tailored for 2 to 8 fishermen, and can be designed to seek out the full variety, or certain species, depending on your preferences. The fishing season runs through the dry season, from October to March, when the water has receded and the fish are limited to smaller areas.

Longer trips can be arranged.