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Birding - Rupununi and the Coast


You need first-rate field guides to see the birds you want to see. Our guides know the birds, their habits and habitat as well as anyone in the world. They live where the birds are.

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10 Day North Rupununi

We birdwatch in the Botanical Gardens: 4 species Amazons, 5 species of Macaws and the Blood Coloured Woodpecker, endemic to the Guiana Coastal Shield and the Abary/Maicony coastal region to see White-Bellied Piculet, Guianian Gnatcatcher, Little Shearwater, and the elusive White Woodpecker before flying to the Rupununi, visiting the village of Fairview, Blue headed Parrots, Aracaries, Iwokrama Black Curasow, The Canopy Walkway, to observe Canopy Species Dusky Purpletuft, Caica Parrot ,Crimson Fruitcrow, Guianan Streaked Antwren, White Winged Potoo, Surama, Cock of the Rock, Ferruginous-backed Antbird, Rufus-Winged Ground Cuckoo a chance to see the Harpy in its Nesting Site, Annai, Buff Necked Ibis, Karanambo, Capuchin Bird, Bearded Tachuri, Doupleed Striped ThickKnee and a wide array of water birds including thew Green and Rufus Kingfisher, Yupukari, Crested Doradito, Little Chachalaca, Toco Toucans, Chestnut Fronted Macaw, Karasabi, The Red Listed Sun Parakeet, Hooded Siskin Ireng/Takatu, The Red Listed Hoary Throated Spinetail, Rio Branco Antbird and a chance to see both Grey and Pink River Dolphins, Lethem, Orange Back Trupial, Racket-tailed Coquette, Cayenne Jay.

10 Day South Rupununi

We bird the Botanical Gardens and the Abary/Maicony coastal region before flying to the Rupununi, visiting Annai, Karasabi, Ireng, and Lethem, to (see above) Mountain Point, Dadanawa, White Throated Kingbird, Ruby Topaz, Finsch's Euphonia Rupunau, and the Red Siskin and Marinau, The Harpy Eagle.

The above trip can be combined for a 15 day high action visit.

Any of the above trips can be combined with a 5 days at Trinidadís Asa Wright Centre for a 2 nation 15 day visit.

Your Bird Guide on the Coastal section will be led by Andy Narine of Guyana Amazon Tropical Birds, and in the Rupununi by Asaf Wilson of the South Rupununi Conservation Society.




A Field Checklist of the Birds of Guyana
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