Rupununi Trails: Eco Adventure Tours in the Guyana Shield

Rupununi Trails
Rupununi Trails
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Rupununi Trails is a tour operator based at Dadanawa Ranch in the South Rupununi region of Guyana. For over forty years, we have been the tour operator of choice for explorations of the South Rupununi and Upper Essequibo wilderness for wildlife photographers, scientists, birdwatchers, fishermen and nature lovers alike.

Not just a company, Rupununi Trails is a unique consortium of ranches and community lodges spread over an area of 6000 square miles. We draw heavily on the knowledge and expertise of local Amerindian communities, who have turned to sustainable eco-tourism in an effort to preserve their native land and values. It is this connection to the people of the land, coupled with our knowledge and experience as tour operators, that allows us to give our guests a truly unique opportunity to learn about and explore one of the world’s most stunning wildlife areas.  

Some of our past clients include:

BBC - Discovery Channel - Smithsonian Institute - Conservation International - Tropenbos Wings International - Foto Natura and Wilderness Explorers, among many others.